Screenshot of a Hack Club meeting running the Sound Galaxy workshop

Hack Club Meetings

A collection of real Hack Club meetings, paired with everything you need to run them in your own club.

This is a collection of real Hack Club meetings run by real club leaders, paired with everything you need to run them in your own Hack Club. In each Meeting, you'll find:

  • A full recording of a real Hack Club meeting
  • Step-by-step instructions for running the same meeting in your own club
  • All resources used to run this meeting (workshops, slides, etc.)

If you're new to leading a Hack Club and are struggling to get started, these may be a very useful resource to you. If you're an experienced club leader, these are a way to discover new activities for your club, and/or check out how other club leaders are running club meetings.

More Meetings will be added in the coming weeks. For now, consider this program to be "in beta". If you have any feedback, or want to add your own Meeting, please drop us a message at #hq. Happy hacking!

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Generative Art

Generative Art demo

Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine demo

Sound Galaxy

Sound Galaxy demo

Speak Colors

Speak Colors demo

Splatter Paint

Splatter Paint demo